All School Days

All School Days

Twice in May and once in September, we welcome many student groups to sample a selection of history and hand skills.  Educators pre –register  in April for the May events or in August for the September event.  Home school groups are encouraged to inquire for availability. Group rates apply.

  All School Days Schedule

8:50               Arrive & Pick up Day’s Schedule of Workshops
9:05-12:25   Five 40 minute Activity Workshops
10:20-10:30   Snack break 10-minutes
12:25-1:00      Picnic lunches on Center Lawn
1:00-2:00       History Face to Face, Meet Characters from history

Self-Guided Exploration of workshops,fields, barns & garden
Return your evaluation form for a Museum pass

 Some typical favorite workshops are Forge, Artifact Reading,  Dairy, Woodworking, Big House Little House, Kitchen Garden, Abenaki Culture, Loom & Needle,  Stones & Bones, Books and Binding, Draft Animals, The School Keeper.

Groups of ten are accepted.

(Chaperons, two per group, and teachers are no charge)