Archival Storage Building



During the summer and fall of 2010 the Orleans County Historical Society hired Spates Construction, Inc. of Derby to build an addition to the Twilight House ell containing an archival vault.  The small structure has an exterior treatment replicating the old carriage shed that had been attached to the Twilight House 100 years ago, as shown in some old photos and drawings. In the new building a firewall is hidden. Its construction is of fire proof and fire resistant materials: cement floor, steel studs, high density cellulose insulation, gypsum walls, cement clapboard and metal roofing. It is environmentally sound, cost effective in its energy use, and has an efficient climate control system. This building has been approved by the State Division of Historic Preservation as an appropriate structure using a historic footprint and documented images.  The existing portion of the ell that the vault addition was attached to was remodeled into a work room for collections research.

We hope that this new facility will encourage the community of Orleans County to both use this resource to preserve photographs and other pieces of history in a fire and climate safe location. One of the values of place-based history is having historical artifacts easily available for study and use in the community that created them.

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