Hands on History

Hands on History


Families with School Aged Children (6-13 years old) are invited
Once a month, the second Saturday of each month, 10 am to 12 pm
To learn about early New England history at the Old Stone House Museum.
Crafts, handskills, and background information on a wide variety of topics are offered.
Held at the Samuel Read Hall House, all children must be accompanied by an adult.
Pre-register by the preceding Friday, calling 754-2022. Limited to 12 children.


March 12: Everything Tells Me a Story
Artifacts are things made by people. Children will pick one of the Museum’s mysterious artifacts to identify and spin a tale about what it did and who used it. Children will write and illustrate their stories. Suggested for ages 8-13 yrs.

April 9: The Secret Box
Fancy painted tinware was all the fashion in the early 19th century, from teapots to treasure chests. Children will learn to stencil paint a box after looking at some from the Museum’s collection. It will be perfect to hold your secret treasures in!

May 14: Pea Seed to Pease Porridge
Learn where garden seeds come from and how to grow your own seeds the way they did it during Alexander Twilight’s lifetime. Take home some seeds to plant in your own garden and try some pease porridge.

June 11: possible field trip to Old Sturbridge Village
A group will be traveling from the Old Stone House Museum down to Sturbridge, Mass., for a personally guided tour of the famous living history museum. Pre-registration required by June 4th. Call for information and price.

July 9: The School Keeper
Visit an early 19th century school house for the summer term. Children learn their manners, use school books from that time, recite their lessons, and practice writing on slates. At recess students will play games popular in 1830.

August 13: TBA

September 10: Apples!
Join in the annual harvest, bring some apples and press cider. Make an apple pie or Apple Fritters to share and enjoy.

October 8: Worth A Thousand Words
Children will be looking at a few drawings and paintings of 19th century New England. We will talk about what we see in the drawings and then draw or paint a landscape scene around the Museum grounds.

November 12: Pudding and Pie
Our annual do-it-yourself hearth cooked meal for children and families. Learn the basic techniques and equipment use for roasting, baking and stewing. We will all sit down together to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

December 10: TBA