History Comes Calling

History Comes Calling

Museum Outreach Visits Your Classroom
With a variety of engaging programs.
Grade appropriate topics for 2nd through 8th
Archaeology, How we learn what we know
Architecture, New England Barns & Buildings
Early Vermont Settlement, Artifacts & Diaries
Civil War, Vermont’s Role through Letters
Runaway Pond, Water Power in New England
Abolition, Education, Temperance, Roots of Reform
Stones and Bones, Cemetery Mysteries

Or invite a character from the early 1800s to your school

Slate & Quill
A schoolkeeper from the district school gives children a taste of schooling from the early days, as lessons are memorized, recited, penmanship practiced and proper manners are taught.

 A Traveler from Boston

Recounting many adventures and the trials of transportation via stagecoach, train and steamboat the traveler describes his experiences on the road from Boston to Stanstead.

Ox Cart Man
American history for very young children, Children participate using  hand carved wooden figures while learning about farm children’s contribution to their family in early New England. one hour  K-2

Mr. Hinman Remembers


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