Museum Skills

Museum Skills

Museum Skills Workshops, are full or half day visits to the museum for student groups.  Study a variety of topics chosen and tailored to your groups interests and grade . Hands-on skills are combined with historical information and an optional visit to museum collections.  Group rate available,  K-12

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Architecture, Our museum buildings exemplify New England’s Federal architecture. Students make models or draw to scale, learn vocabulary, become familiar with tools & methods then take a walk to observe structures and styles of the Brownington Historic District. 3rd-12th

Hearth & Home, After discussing early 19th cent farm life and family roles, students experience an aspect of seasonal work. New England hearth cooking , dairy or food preservation methods. Taste your results and learn table manners. K-12

Archaeology, is the science behind history. Students practice concepts of strata, artifacts as primary source, relative dating and how these can help understand a vanished way of life.  Sketching and analysis of artifacts in the museum collection reinforces principles. Inquire about possible ongoing site investigations, students may participate seasonally. 4th-12th

Loom & Needle, Fiber processing & cloth making changed radically during the 19th century. Few aspects of life had such far reaching social effects as the change from hand production to textile mills. Students process flax or wool, and try loom weaving, spinning or knitting.  Study textiles & tools in museum collection to analyze construction methods. 3rd-10th

Stones & Bones, Cemeteries are full of historical artifacts. Recognize stone types, date carving styles & research stories behind epitaphs. Visit Brownington cemetery & learn how to read between the lines carved in stone. 3rd-10th

Wood Working by Hand, Students become familiar with our woodshop’s hand tools and what they could produce. Try a shave horse and draw knife, or a fro and mallet. Study joinery, learn terminology and discover how ax design changed over time.

Forge, Older students learn basic blacksmith safety, tools and methods under guidance of a master smith. Visit the Museum to identify what the smith could have made and what he could not.  Learn to date buildings by nail type used.5th-12th

These are our most requested topics. Please ask if your students have other areas of interest

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For Older Students:
Museum as a Primary Source

Museum staff introduce

older students or teachers to the concept of primary sources using artifacts and images from the museum collection.   Students learn techniques of “artifact and image reading” and how to go about independant research using museum as a resource.


For Younger Students:
The Oxcart Man

This program is a delightful introduction to American history for very young children. It is based on the classic book of the same name. Children participate using  hand carved wooden figures while learning about farm children’s contribution to their family in early New England. Program lasts one hour and is available on site at the museum or as an outreach.

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