Orleans County Poetry

The following was composed by a Student, H. Wadleigh, the Music set to it by the teacher of Vocal Music, and sung by the Choir at the close of the School .

Since first on Egypt’s scorching plain,

Science, proud Queen, commenced her reign,

And waved, by power of magic wand,

Her potent scepter o’er the land,

The Muses o’er to sing her storied praise,

In sweet accord, have tuned their softest lays.

And as events with rapid stride,

Pass swiftly down time’s changing tide,

Young Tyros, o’er the midnight oil,

To Science consecrate their toil;

So we have met to tread the Classical Hall,

To rise with Science, or with her to fall

And, as to greatness, Grecia rose,

Bade proud defiance to her foes,

Soar’d to the zenith of her bliss,

And boasted envied happiness;

Science could guard her – thwart her schemes of fate,

And much enhance the wisdom of the State.

Here have been trained our noblest powers,

With discipline of studious hours;

Here, too, have met in social glee,

Hearts filled with mirth and revelry:

And as the joyful peals have echoed round,

Affection’s throbs a sweet response have found.

When Caesar’s conquering flag unfurled,

Had waved in triumph o’er the world,

Science, fair helpmate, lent her aid,

To grace the conquests he had made;

Stamped thus eternal on the Roman name,

The noble impress of unrivaled fame.

Here, charmed by friendship’s magic powers,

How swift have sped the blissful hours;

But fate demands it, we must part!

How heaves the bosom! throbs the heart!

And, as we leave, in distant climes to dwell,

Peals forth the sound, Farewell! Farewell!

And, as the wise and hoary sage,

Of every clime and every age,

Have courted Science’s gentle smile,

And bathed at wisdom’s font the while,

Ambitious youth have felt th’ inspiring flame,

And soar’d to that far storied Temple, fame.