Primary Sources 1820-1850

Vermont’s early industrial period presented farm families with unprecedented dilemmas as they confronted new technologies. Ten family scenarios with primary source reference follow.  Choose one new technology or several to study, compare or dramatize.

Final Blacksmith

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The following scenarios created by Aimee Benton Alexander with assistance of Tyler Alexander were supported in part by VT Humanities Council.
It was developed for Time Travelers Camp 2014.

1.) Transportation, westward migration, gold mania (Clement Thrasher family)
2.) Pivotal role of blacksmiths in new technology (Chaney Smith family)
3.) Labor Saving Farm Equipment, a good investment? (Elias Baker family)
4.) Factory Employment causes Farm labor shortage (John Marshall family)
5.) Floods & Unreliable Weather ruin a Farm (Moses Currier family)
6.) Expanding Markets for farm products (Nelson Hill family)
7.) Handcraft, vs Vertical Production business (Simon Wheeler family)
8.) Women’s Work in factory changes female roles (Wilder Parker family)
9.) Comparative shopping which piece of equipment is best value (Willard Aldridge family)
10.) Female Higher Education, prestigious but is it a good idea? (William Addison family)

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