2016 Youth Program Group Fees

All Group Rates are based on group size of ten participants plus two adults. Groups exceeding 10 but fewer than 15 pay additional per child fee.   In most cases 16 or more participants will be divided into two groups.   Scholarships may be available for some activities.

Museum Tour – Young people’s Introduction, 1 ½ hour:
groups/families $7.00 per child, $8 adults

Museum Skills Workshop – Your choice of Skills Workshop & date.  Independent groups visit the Museum –6 hour full day $100. – 3 hour half day $75
Forge and Woodworking may be more.

All School Days  – Full Day, 5 short Workshops, self-guided exploration of museum grounds $40 per group, ($4. per additional student)

History Comes Calling – Varies according to program chosen and distance $75-$150.

NEK History Day  – Per student Registration fee $8.  Alternate years only.