Orleans County Historical Societies

Albany Historical Society

Historic Albany Village School, VT Rte 14, Albany, VT.
Collections include school furnishings, town reports, pictures, artifacts, even a sleigh, all donated by townspeople. The War Memorial, erected in front of the Old Village School, was made possible by the Society. A complete inventory of all burials in seven town cemeteries was completed in 2001. Visitors by appointment.
Mailing Address: PO Box 317, Albany, VT 05820
Phone: (802) 755-6105
Contact: Paul Daniels, President. Daniels Farm Road, Irasburg, VT 05845 or falco43@gmail.com

Charleston Historical Society

Museum Drive, off VT Route 105, West Charleston, VT.
Memorabilia pertaining to Charleston and its inhabitants. Also selling catalogs of Northeast Kingdom Cemeteries, and Collected news articles from early papers.
Hours: June – August: Wednesdays, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, or by appointment.
Mailing Address: PO Box 46, East Charleston, VT 05833
Phone: (802) 723-4833
Richard Colburn, Treasurer

Craftsbury Historical Society

Babcock House Museum, Craftsbury Common, Craftsbury, VT
Hours: Museum hours are 10am to 12 noon on Wednesdays and Saturdays until mid-October.
Other times by appointment.
Website: Craftsbury Historical Society
Email: don_houghton@yahoo.com
Phone: (802) 755-6178
Contact: Don Houghton, President

Crystal Lake Falls Historical Association

Pierce House, 97 Water Street, Barton, VT
Photographs and artifacts from Barton’s industries and schools are housed in the 1820s Pierce House. There is also a model of 200-year-old Barton Mill Hill, the “Brick Kingdom” factory site. Activities include summer exhibits.
Hours: The museum is open every Sunday from June through August from 1 PM to 4 PM or by appointment. Call (802) 525-3084 for an appointment. We will always be happy to open for you.
Website: Barton Museum
Mailing Address: PO Box 253, Barton, VT 05822
Email: bartonclfha@gmail.com
Phone: (802) 525-3084
Contact: Paul Sicard, president

Derby Historical Society

Old North Hall, Main Street, Derby, VT
Founded in 1980, our museum is located in Old North Hall, built in 1840 as part of Derby Academy, in the middle of the village of Derby Center.  There are eight rooms of exhibits relating to the history of the town, including the archives of the Derby Academy.  The first floor is wheelchair accessible.
Hours and Admission: Open June 1 to October 15th, Sundays 2:00-4:00pm. Other times by appointment. Admission is free to members, $2 for non-members.
Website: Derby Historical Society
Mailing Address: PO Box 357, Derby, VT 05829
Email: yaledale@myfairpoint.net
Phone: (802) 766-5159
Allen Yale, Curator

Glover Historical Society

Municipal Building, Glover, VT
The society’s museum is located on the second floor of the municipal building, the former “Leonard homestead.” School photos, Civil War, cellar holes, home photos (then and now), and cemetery lists are some of the items being archived. Genealogy data is being gathered also. Many publications are available for sale. Visitors by appointment. No charge.
Mailing Address: PO Box 208, Glover, Vt 05839
Website: www.gloverhistoricalsociety.org
Email: gloverhistory@gmail.com
Or write to: Betsy Day or Joan Alexander, P.O. Box 208, Glover VT 05839

Greensboro Historical Society

Museum at 29 Breezy Avenue (next to Willey’s Store), Greensboro, VT
The society resides in the restored library built in 1900 and houses records and artifacts. Special events and Exhibits every year.
Hours and Admission: July – August: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, or by appointment
Website: www.greensborohistoricalsociety.org
Mailing Address: PO Box 151, Greensboro, VT 05841
Email: info@greensborohistoricalsociety.org
Phone: (802) 533-2457
Wilhelmina Smith and Nancy Hill, Co-Presidents

Holland Historical Society

693 Gore Road, Holland, VT
The museum is housed in the former Congregational church, built in 1848. There are photographs, household furnishings, textiles, farm implements, military artifacts, and church and town memorabilia. Activities include Old Home Day on the first Sunday in August.
Hours and Admission: June – September: by appointment. Free.
Mailing Address: PO Box 483, Derby Line, VT 05830
Phone: (802) 766-5375
Contact: Bea Nelson, Secretary

Lowell Historical Society

Town Office, Lowell, VT
Whether you were born in Lowell and are interested in preserving town history for future generations or settled here more recently and want to learn more about the town and its history, you are welcome to come to our meetings and visit our History Room.
Website: Lowell Historical Society
Email: Sam Thurston
Mailing Address: 2170 VT Rte 100, Lowell, VT 05847
Phone: (802) 744-6559 or (802) 744-6859
Contact: Carolyn Arel at 744- 2497 or Daphne Dolan-Christiansen at 744-6226 to schedule an appointment.

Missisquoi Valley Historical Society

Museum, Main Street, North Troy, VT
The museum is housed in a mid-19th-century building that was first a blacksmith shop and then a church. Collections are of 19th-century textiles, costumes, household furnishings, farm tools, and photographs.
Hours and Admission: By Appointment. Free. Donations Welcome.
Website: Missisquoi Valley Historical Society
Mailing Address: Missisquoi Valley Historical Society, PO Box 237, North Troy, VT 05859
Phone: 802-988-4656
Contact: Nancy Allen, President

Morgan Historical Society

At the corner of Toad Pond Road and VT Route 111, Morgan, VT
Founded in 2003 by a group of Morgan citizens interested in protecting the cultural heritage of this corner of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Housed in a building originally known as the Morgan Center Union Church (built in 1870), it is located near beautiful Lake Seymour.
Hours and Admission: July 1 – September 15; Mondays 10:00 – noon, Wednesdays 1:00 – 3:00
Other times by appointment. Admission free, but donations are welcome!
Website: Morgan Historical Society
Email: rodimiller@comcast.net
Mailing Address: Morgan Historical Society Inc., PO Box 113, Morgan, VT 05853
Phone: (802) 723-5907
Contact: Beverly May, President

Westfield Historical Society

Hitchcock Memorial Museum & Library, 1275 VT Route 100, Westfield, VT
The museum has a collection of American and African animal and bird displays, rocks and minerals, corals and butterfly exhibits. There are historical items that have been donated to the museum during the last 100 years. The collection also includes rare and antique books.
Hours and Admission: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1p.m. – 5p.m., Sunday: 11am – 3pm, Closed on Sundays in June, July & August. Free. Donations are graciously accepted and appreciated.
Website: Hitchcock Memorial Museum & Library
Email: hitchcockmemorial8258@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 1252 Vt Rte 100, Westfield, VT 05874
Phone: (802) 744-8258
Librarian: MaryLee Daigle