Twilight Sermons

Alexander Twilight’s Sermons

Alexander Twilight, the preceptor of the Orleans County Grammar School, was also a minister. He served as an interim minister in the Brownington Village church, as well as an itinerant preacher, which can be seen by the way he signed and dated several sermons.

The first document is an index to the topics Twilight spoke about in his sermons, compiled by a Museum volunteer Rev. Herb Perry. The second document is an introduction to Alexander Twilight and his sermons, as written by Larry Hundersmarck, PhD, followed by the full text of the sermons.

The subsequent PDFs break down the sermons into individual documents.

To do a word search in the sermons, open or download a sermon. Inside the PDF Edit menu is the Find Option. With Find, you can search the entire document for specific words. (Keyboard shortcuts usually are Control+F for Microsoft Windows, and Command+F for Mac OS.)

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