Seymour Sisters & The Bakers

Historic Green Spaces Project Fundraiser

Join us Sunday, March 24th at 3:00 pm for our first musical event of the year. A mixed genre, acoustical presentation, featuring the Seymour Sisters and The Bakers, is a fundraising event for our Historic Green Spaces Project. Several initiatives are underway for the Project, as mentioned below. We look forward to seeing you!

 Historic Green Spaces Projects

The Old Stone House Museum is proud to unfold a series of small projects in honor of our natural endowments here in Orleans County.  These initiatives, called The Historic Green Spaces Projects, are designed to recognize, appreciate and preserve the history and future of our precious landscapes.  Projects underway include:

The Heritage Arboretum, which encompasses a wide variety of native tree species such as apple varieties, butternut, ash, sugar maple, flowering crabapples, hawthorns and more!  Brochures available in the OSH shop.

Recreation Trails will wrap gracefully around our beautiful 60-acre parcel allowing for visitors and community members to utilize the grounds more completely. The trails will be accompanied by signs which will tell the story of our historic landscape; practices in agriculture, changes in the land, environmental and climate trends since 1800, etc.  (Seymour Sisters Concert to benefit this initiative on March 24th @ 3pm, Brownington Congregational Church.)

Our Learning Apiary project has received grant money and generous donations of materials and time from many sources. This project is set to take wing this spring with the establishment of two-four beehives, monitored by the Museum’s Beekeeping Support Group, and an exhibit of antique bee equipment/tools.

Community Therapy Garden, replete with flowering native shrubs, trees and herbs traditionally used for remedies and medicines, will meander in a labyrinth-style path, providing the community with an all-natural healing zone right here on-site.

The Seed Keep will be established in collaboration with the Seed Swap Sisters. Seeds will be kept in our vault for safe keeping for future generations to use and study.

We welcome you to get involved in these projects and help us better serve our local community.

Help us achieve our goals! If you are interested in a specific project, contact Molly at (802) 754-2055 or Thank you!