Community Seed Exchange

Community Seed Exchange at the Barton Public Library

Old Stone House Museum Seedling

The Community Seed Exchange (CSE) is a free program committed to increasing the ability of home gardeners and homesteaders to provide their own food, to encourage locally adapted seed varieties, and to foster a community of sharing. It is open to all residents of the Northeast Kingdom. The original site & main home of the CSE is at the Barton Public Library, and is a UVM Extension Master Gardener Project.

The Old Stone House Museum has become a ‘Seedling’ member of the CSE for 2019! We have a variety of donated seeds, including ones that are both easy to grow and/or lend themselves to seed saving. By keeping it simple we will be able to develop systems that work for members, our hosts, and the community.

The CSE operates on an honor system. When you register and sign the Safe Seed Promise you become a member of the CSE. Members of the CSE will share gardening and seed saving techniques and may participate in seed & plant swaps as well as other classes and events that members suggest or offer.

Seeds are available at the Twilight House during regular hours. Stop by to become a member, access our links on starting your garden, follow the member group on Facebook and be included in the email distribution list!

Thank you to Pam Kennedy of the Orleans County Seed Library Project for providing the documents to announce our seedling program!

Community Seed Exchange Samples