Student Romances

Orleans County Grammar School History

Student Romances

Letter from Jas. W. Strong, Aug. 23, 1888,

Of course there were then, as now, among students, frequent love affairs. Mrs. William H. Wallace… was the second daughter of Hon. Geo. C. West of Irasburgh and unusually attractive. A young enthusiastic Canadian student fell in love with her… the romantic incidents of the story, until he finally secured the prize and she became Mrs. Wallace, are not surpassed in interest in any modern novel. That was my first chapter of the romance of real life.

Letter from H. S. Tarbell to E. A. Stewart, Aug. 25, 1888

You have not forgotten Miss Kelley, I am sure. Neither have I, nor have I forgotten your sister Persis, nor the Lord girls, Miss Eno and Miss Addison.

Graffiti from the dormitory

My heart to you is given;

If you will give yours to me,

We will lock them up together

And throw away the key.