Orleans County Grammar School History

Orleans County Grammar School History


Photo taken by Eliza Cowles,  “The Old Stone Boarding House,” 1885

Old Stone House Museum Collection

History of the Orleans County Grammar School     aka Brownington Academy


Preceptors and Teachers     A partial list of men and women teachers and principals


School Trustees   A partial list of the Grammar School trustees


List of Grammar School Students   A list of students that attended the OCGS


Students Stories   Stories about the boys and girls who stayed at the dormitory


School Accommodations   An advertisement for the dormitory


Student Views on A. L. Twilight   Student quotes about Alexander L. Twilight


Student Romances   Teenage romance


Fun in the Classroom   Stories about Alexander Twilight in the Classroom


Student Games     A recollection of the games played by the students


Mischief   Stories about student mischief


Discipline   Alexander Twilight’s style of discipline