Discipline in the Classroom

Orleans County Grammar School History

Discipline in the Classroom

Letter from by C. F. Remick, Aug. 20, 1888

I remember Mr. Twilight’s four foot strap that he used to make potent in the cultivation of obedience and reverence in us boys.


Address by E. A. Stewart, Aug. 30, 1888

Sometimes, when the subject and occasion demanded it, and all other measures failed, his power of invective sarcasm, satire and ridicule were tremendous. No sensible rogue would wish to encounter it but once.


Reported by E. A. Stewart, 1888

Twilight once lost patience with a boy named Henry who wouldn’t study, telling him to “go home and prepare for a strapping.” Henry took Twilight at his word. He went home and put his father’s leather apron on under his clothes. When Twilight noticed a “sudden increase” in Henry’s size he asked him to explain. Henry said: “Well, you told me to go home and prepare for a strapping and I’ve done the best I could.” Mr. Twilight laughed heartily at this clever ruse and dismissed him with the information that he must be more careful about his lessons.


Letter from Jas. W. Strong, Aug. 23, 1888,

…he often had occasion to apply “the rod” which in his case, was not the traditional “beech” nor the common ferule but a thick strap about a yard long which he grasped in the middle and applied with much vigor and apparent zest. It was among the boys, a favorite method of annoying the old gentlemen, to secure and hide his strap and he was obliged to keep on hand one or two of these effective weapons in order to be ready for any emergency.


…I remember well how he once terrified one poor little inattentive child by threatening to sharpen her fingers with his knife so that she could keep her place better. As he opened the sharp blade and, not withstanding her pleadings and contortions, firmly held her fingers, I expected to see the blood soon dripping to the floor.