Don’t Miss “Unprecedented” at Burlington City Arts or Virtually HERE!

Don’t miss the group art show Seven Days called “absorbing” being held now until January 30, 2020 at Burlington City Arts. Click the virtual tour below and you can also experience the exhibit from the comfort of your home.

The show includes artwork by Vermont artists Stephen M. Schaub and Eve Ogden Schaub ( on Alexander Lucius Twilight entitled “A Home of My Choice.” In total, the show features the work of nine artists (seven Vermonters) who use mediums such as ceramic vessels, multipanel photographic works, a cartoonist’s print, a multimedia installation and two large-scale sculptures.

“In The Home of My Choice, EveNSteve’s evocative black and white, multi-paneled photographs capture images from the Old Stone House Museum in Brownington, Vermont, built by Alexander Twilight,” Heather Ferrell, Burlington City Arts Curator and Director of Exhibitions, wrote in an email.  “By pairing thoughtful research with evocative imagery and text, EveNSteve reveal Twilight as an significant figure in Vermont’s history.”

“Claimed as the nation’s and Vermont’s first African-American college graduate, Twilight’s racial identity has been continually interrogated and revised by others for more than a century,” she added. “Connecting with Twilight’s legacy as an educator and minister, and as someone who called Vermont home, EveNSteve also reveal the complexity and power dynamics associated with historical figures, as well as the questions we should ask a society: Who is empowered by the narrative, and whose voice is being amplified or unheard?”

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