Join The Center for Painted Wall Preservation Symposium Today!

Do you love the series of painted wall murals by the renowned early 19th century limner (itinerant painter) Rufus Porter found at the Old Stone House Museum? Don’t miss your chance to join The Center for Painted Wall Preservation (CPWP) symposium on painted walls. Find more details and register today:

The first event of its kind, this Symposium will bring together practitioners in the care and conservation of painted walls to share case studies and discuss best practices. The preservation of early-19th-century painted decoration — which include murals, freehand brushwork, and stenciled decoration— becomes increasingly urgent over time, especially for walls in private homes.

There currently are no conservation standards or ‘best practices’ to guide the care of painted walls and many techniques used over the years have resulted in disaster! The “Conserving Our Painted Past” Symposium will provide homeowners and conservators with reliable and responsible approaches to preserving extant wall decoration for the enrichment of future generations. A great lineup of prominent conservators, researchers, homeowners, and tradespeople will fascinate you as an extensive variety of different topics are explored and discussed.

The Symposium program will survey the remarkable range of interior wall treatments practiced by early New England’s artist-decorators. It will highlight important new work in the technical preservation of decorated walls and celebrate the resurgence of custom wall and mural art in contemporary life.

The Center for Painted Wall Preservation (CPWP) is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the research and preservation of eighteenth and early nineteenth century paint-decorated plaster walls.