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Orleans County: Images of America

Book CoverOrleans County highlights the men and women who farmed the land and took part in the growth of industry. Over 200 historic photographs portray the county’s evolution as the number of farms decreased and factory work increased, transportation progressed from wagon and sleigh to the automobile and railroad, and agriculture moved from horse-powered equipment to gas-powered tractors. All proceeds of Orleans County: Images of America go toward the Orleans County Historical Society, which owns and cares for the Old Stone House Museum.

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Life In Orleans County DVD

produced Life in Orleans County DVDby Johnson State College Vermont History Class of  Senator Bill Doyle
videography by Vince Franke

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Willoghby Lake Book

Willoughby Lake Legends & Legacies

By Harriet F. Fisher
114 pages of pictures and stories from one of America’s most beautiful sites, Willoughby Lake, found in Westmore, Vermont.

$20.00 ppd

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Sketches of Orleans, VT

Sketches of Orleans, Vermont

By Darrell Hoyt
91 pages of photos and folklife from a small Vermont town.
$15.00 ppd

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Daisy Dopp's Vermont

Daisy Dopp’s Vermont

By Daisy Dopp
Starting in the early fifties this daughter of Glover, Vermont wrote some delightful reminiscences about farm life and historical anecdotes for the local newspaper. Now you can read them too.

$7.00 ppd

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Wally Hunt's Vermont

Wally Hunt’s Vermont

By Wally Hunt

Read all about the Northeast Kingdom in some wonderful letters and stories from one of the area’s great raconteurs.

$7.00 ppd

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