Twilight Tidbit Four

Twilight Tidbit Four

Alexander Lucius Twilight.

For our fourth Twilight Tidbit, we want to draw attention to Alexander Lucius Twilight’s deep piety and belief in tolerance of others. It is a helpful reminder at this troubling time in our history. We hope you enjoy this brief sermon Mr. Twilight delivered on June 12 1853 in Brownington, Vermont. Stay tuned next week for our next Tidbit from the life and times of Mr. Twilight.

“But he turned and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of…” (Luke 10:55)

Christians indeed should rule in our national councils and preside in our halls of justice, but such are the imperfections of human nature—such a measure would be destructive both to church and state. Each one declares his honesty in this and among such a multitude who enter his political strife, we can but extend the hand of charity and believe at least that some of them are honest.

The Supreme Court of the United States.


1. Zeal in a cause does not prove that we are right.

2. We should be reminded that others have their views as well as we.

3. That all men cannot be brought to our notions.